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XJ Tech/Maintenance

Common Problems
Crankcase Position Sensor (CPS Sensor)
The CPS sensor (also known as a Top-Dead-Center (TDC) sensor) is a common culprit in the woes of XJ owners.
Vital Links
A table of links to other sites with radio and electronics information.
Outdoor Adventures
Jeep XJ Page
I own a 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport. Find out about the history of the Jeep name, the sport of Four-Wheelin', and some other Jeep trivia.
Dual-Sport Motorcycle Riding
I own a 1983 Honda XL600R motorcycle.
Backpacking and Camping
Low impact off-roading.
Other outdoor places
Places of interest not specific to the above outdoor activities
Vehicle Maintenance
Specifically, Maintenance of the Vehicles I own. Also, General Information on stuff like motor oil, why not to buy Slick 50, and tips and tricks for fixin' your car.
Bits and Pieces
Vermont Air National Guard
My Employer.
Miscellaneous Links
The spot you'll find links that have nothing to do with the above topics.

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