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Yukon's Jeep XJ Page

What is an XJ, you ask?  An XJ is more commonly known as the Jeep Cherokee.  It was first offered in 1984.  It's classified today as a "Compact Sport Utility Vehicle."

Some of the stuff on these pages also applies to the Jeep MJ, the pickup version of the Cherokee known as the Comanche.  These were produced until the early 90's, and share much of the same parts and technology with the XJ's.  It's a shame that Jeep stopped making them - they are a great pickup.

Jeep XJ Forum Important Link! If you've got questions about your Jeep, or just want to communicate with other Jeep Cherokee XJ owners, you have to bookmark this site!

XJ Reference
Option Lists
Check out dealer invoice Option lists for Jeep XJ's of various years.  This is a great area to see what was available in a particular year for the XJ
Export XJ's
I'm trying to put together some information on the differences that exist in XJ's that were exported or built outside the USA.
Running Changes
AMC and Chrysler introduced different trim levels and options to the lineup over the years, and discontinued other items.  Look here for information on what happened each year.
Technical Service Bulletins / Recalls Coming Soon!!
A list of any information that has "leaked" out of the factory in the form of "TSB's" and recalls.  Stay tuned - I'm working on it!!!
XJ Tech/Maintenance
Crankcase Position Sensor (CPS Sensor)
The CPS sensor (also known as a Top-Dead-Center (TDC) sensor) is a common culprit in the woes of XJ owners.
Trouble Codes
When you get a "Check Engine" light, you can get a general idea of what is wrong with your XJ without bringing it to a dealer.
XJs and Radios Coming Soon!!
Read this before buying or installing a CB or any other radio. Stay tuned.
Jeep History
Will The Real Jeep Please Stand Up (External Link)
Where did the name "Jeep" come from?  Did the name come from the Popeye comic strip character "Eugene the Jeep" or from a slurring of the US Army's designation of "GP" for General Purpose?  This article seems to answer the question once and for all.  While you're there, check out the line of "Eugene" products.

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