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Yukon's Radio & Electronics Page

This area is still under construction.  Right now, the only page I have is my original "Radio 101" Stuff.  I'm in the process of revising it, and cleaning it up.

CB Radio

Shopping and installation basics
"I don't have time to read everything.  Gimme what I need to know so I can go out and spend some money..."
CB Radio etiquette
You gotta get a license to drive a car, you should at least invest some time in learning how to properly talk on the radio. Includes FCC regulations

Check out these sights for info on CB antennas.  All three of these manufacturers claim to build the best antenna.  I've listed them in the order that I consider them ranked.  To be fair, I own only the K40, because of it's bayonet mount feature.  Really, it's all what you want in an antenna....

Firestik Antenna This is a VERY well put together site.  It's Tech and FAQ sections are SO good, that I'm wondering if I need to write the Radio 101 page.  I might just put a link to this company's website!  (They make pretty good antennas, too...)  :-)

Wilson Antenna  Another good website.  Their Tech section is not as thorough as Firestik's, but still has useful data that isn't at Firestik.  Worth checking out.

K40/American Antenna  These guys make a reasonably good antenna.  There are better ones, but I kinda like their bayonet quick-release mounting design for their antennas, and also their speech processor microphones and CBs.  No Tech data, though.  The link I gave skips their hokey home page opening sequence.

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