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1989 Jeep Comanche Factory Invoice Pricing & Options 
                                            Invoice    Retail 
Jeep Comanche 2WD  
(MJTL61)    Short Bed                          7115      7495 
(MJTL62)    Long Bed                           7543      8312 
Jeep Comanche 4WD  
(MJJL61)    Short Bed                          9341     10450 
(MJJL62)    Long Bed                           9943     11134 
Destination Charge                                        429 
Engine: 2.5L I4 150CI TBI. 
Brakes: Power, Front Disc, Rear Drum  
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual 
Tires: P195/75R15 
 Metallic Paint                                 149       175 
 (X2/F2) Bench Seat, Vinyl (Premium), Bas        NC        NC 
         Fabric (Canyon), Bas                    71        84 
 (X1/E1) Fabric (Canyon), Pnr                    NC        NC 
 (X8) Bucket Seats, Vinyl, Pnr		        123       145 
 (Q7) Bucket Seats, Wingback/Recliner, 
       Fabric/Luggage; Std Eli                   NC        NC 
 (PD)  2.5L I4 150CI TBI; Std Bas & Pnr          NC        NC 
 (RB)  4.0L I6 242CI MPI; 
        Req SBA, DX or GB; Std Eli              521       613 
 (CK)  4Sp; NA I6; Std SB, Bas;                  NC        NC 
 (DQ)  5Sp (I4); Std LB, Pnr;                   167       197 
 (DX)  5Sp (I6); Std LB, Pnr;                   167       197 
 (GB)  Aut, Column Shift; 
        Req Bench Seats & SBA; 
         2WD, I4, SB                            808       950 
         2WD, I4, SB, Pnr                       640       753 
         2WD, I6, SB, Bas                       717       844 
         2WD, I6, LB, Bas                       550       647 
         2WD, I6, Pnr                           550       647 
         4WD, SB, Bas				717	  844 
         LB, Pnr                                550	  647 
 (GB)  Aut, Floor Shift; 
        Req Bucket Seats; 
         2WD, I4, SB, Pnr	         	640	  753 
         I6 Eng, LB, SB Eli;	 	        550	  647 
         4WD SB, Pnr				717	  844 
         LB, Pnr				550	  647 
 (DSA) Rear Trac-Loc Differential; 
        Req TBB & I6                            244	  287 
 (NAE) California Emissions			107	  126 
 (NAF) High Altitude                             NC        NC 
 Pioneer Pkg, SB				1131	 1330 
 Pioneer Pkg, LB, 2WD				 963     1133 
 Pioneer Pkg, LB, 4WD				 709	  834 
 Eliminator Pkg					2593     3050 
 (ALM) Pioneer Pkg Option Group #1 
       Inc GTZ,DX,RAB,JHA 
	 SB,     $1413/1662Tot-$595/700Dsc	 818	  962 
	 LB 2WD, $1245/1465Tot-$595/700Dsc	 650	  765 
	 LB 4WD, $991/1166Tot-$595/700Dsc	 396	  466 
 (ALN) Pioneer Pkg Option Group #2 
	 2WD SB, $2441/2872Tot-$1020/1200Dsc	 1421	 1672 
	 2WD LB, $2274/2675Tot-$1020/1200Dsc	 1254	 1475 
	 4WD SB, $2654/3122Tot-$1020/1200Dsc	 1634	 1922 
	 4WD LB, $2232/2626Tot-$1020/1200Dsc	 1212	 1426 
 (ALP) Eliminator Pkg Option Group #1 
	 $2875/3382Tot-$425/500Dsc		 2450	 2882 
 (ALR) Eliminator Pkg Option Group #2 
	 $3471/4084Tot-$595/700Dsc		 2876	 3384 
 (HAA) Air Conditioning; 
	Inc HD Batt, HD Rad (I4), Aux Fan (I6); 
        Req SBA;                         	  718	  845 
 (CKA) Carpeting; Std Pnr, Eli; 		   50	   59 
 (JJA) Cig. Lighter; Std Pnr, Eli;		   24	   28 
 (CUF) Console w/ Armrest; 
        Req Bucket Seats, CKA 
         Pnr, Eli				  104	  122 
 (NHM) Cruise Control; Req JHA; 
        NA I4&Man; 
         Pnr, Eli	                          190	  224 
 (ADH) HD Alternator & Battery Group; 
	Inc HD Alt (74Amp I4, 100Amp I6), 
	HD Battery (475CC);			  116	  136 
 (AHL) Extra Quiet Insulation Pkg; 
	Inc Amberlite Padding on back of Cab, 
	Underhood Insulation, 
        Additional Sound Insulation materials; 
         Pnr, Eli			           91	  107 
 (JAY) Gauge Pkg; 
        Inc LCD Clock, Oil Press, Voltmeter, 
        Eng Temp, Low Fuel Ind, Trip Odometer, 
        NA Bench Seats; Std Eli;                  136	  160 
 (ADA) Light Group; 
        Inc Lights for Ashtray, Cargo Box, 
        Courtesy, Visor Mirror, Retractable 
	Underhood, Headlights-On Warning, 
        Warning Buzzer, Headlamp Sentinel;	  109	  128 
 (GTZ) Mirrors, L&R Remote Control 		   65	   77 
 (GTC) Mirror, Right Manual     		   29	   34 
 (SBA) Power Steering; 
        Req'd w/ A/C or I6 or Auto Trans 
         Bas            			  254	  299 
 (ADB) Protection Group, Incl Front Bumper Guards, 
	 Floor Mats, Door Edge Guards 
	Pnr					  116	  136 
	Eli                                        86	  101 
 (RAC) AM Radio, 2 Speakers                        NC	   NC 
 (RAB) AM/FM ET Stereo, 4 Speakers                164	  193 
 (RAF) AM/FM Cass ET Stereo w/ Dolby, 4Spkrs      337	  396 
 (GFD) Sliding Rear Window, All			  103	  121 
 (MBJ) Step Bumper, Rear, Blk, Std/Pnr/Eli; Bas   116	  136 
 (AWE) Suspension, Off Road Pkg; 
        Incl TRN, WJD, TBB, 
        HP Gas Shocks (F&R), Skid Plate Grp, 
        Tow Hooks (F), HD Radiator, Aux Fan (I6), 
        Aux Trans Cooler (I6&Aut); 
        Req SBA, ADH; 
	NA I4&4Sp, Z1B; 
	4WD Bas, I6, Aut                          833	  980 
	4WD Bas, I4, I6&Man                     796	  937 
	4WD Pnr, I6&Aut 			  719	  846 
	4WF Pnr, I4, I6&Man                   683	  803 
 (Z1B) Big Ton Pkg, 2205lb, Incl HD Rear Axle, 
	WJD, TBB, HD Springs(F&R), HD Shocks(F&R), 
	P225/75R15 BOL Tires (5); 
        NA I4&4Spd or Auto Trans, WJM 
	2WD LB Bas				  647	  761 
	2WD LB Pnr				  496	  583 
 (Z5B) Big Ton Pkg, Same as Z1B 
	4WD LB Bas				  647	  761 
	4WD LB Pnr				  496	  583 
 (SUA) Tilt Steering Wheel, Req JHA               109	  128 
 (AHY) Trailer Tow Prep Pkg "B", Incl HD R Axle, 
	Dana 44; HD Radiator; Aux Fan; Auto Trans 
	Cooler; Req's I6Eng, Auto Trans, HD Batt/ 
	Alt Grp, Conv. Spare Tire, P205 or larger 
	tires, All				  130	  153 
 (TNC) P195/75R15 (B) Blk, Radial Steel, 
	All Weather (4), Bas			   NC	   NC 
 (TPF) P205/75R15 (B) Blk, Radial Steel, 
	All Weather (4), Std/Pnr; Bas		   39	   46 
 (TMW) P215/75R15 (B) OWL, Radial Steel, 
	All Terrain; Req's 15x7 Wheels; 
	NA w/ I4Eng & 4Spd; (4); Bas		  309	  363 
	Pnr					  269	  316 
 (TRM) P225/70R15 (B) OWL, Radial Steel, 
	Eagle GT+4 (4), Eli Only		   NC	   NC 
 (TRN) P225/75R15 (B) OWL, Radial Steel, 
	All Terrain (Wrangler); Req's 
	15x7 Wheels; NA w/ I4&4Spd;(4);Bas	  348	  409 
	Pnr					  309	  363 
 (TBB) Conventional Full Size Spare Tire; 
	Repl Compact High Press; Req w/ DSA 
	w/ TNC; Bas, Pnr			   39	   46 
	w/ TPF;	Bas, Pnr			   51	   60 
	w/ TPF & WJD; Bas,Pnr                     73	   86 
	w/ TMW; Bas, Pnr			   89	  105 
	w/ TMW & WJD; Pnr                         111	  131 
	w/ TRN; Bas & Pnr			   99	  117 
	w/ TRN & WJD; Pnr                         122	  143 
	w/ TRM, Eli Only			  188	  221 
(GEC) Vent Windows, Front Doors, All               78	   92 
(WMC) Wheel Bright Trim Rings (4); For 15x6 
        rims only; Std SB; Bas                     56	   66 
(WJD) Wheels, Silver Styled Steel, (4) 15x7; 
	NA TNC; Std Pnr; Bas                       88	  104 
	w/ 5 Wheels; Std Pnr TBB;  Bas		  111	  130 
(WJM) Wheels, Aluminum 10 Spoke, (4) 15x7; 
        NA w/ TNC or Z1B; 
         Bas W/O TBB           	          	  284	  334 
	 Bas W/ TBB			          356	  419 
	 Pnr W/O TBB				  196	  230 
	 Pnr W/ TBB			          268	  315 
(JHA) Intermittect Wipers; Req w/ Cruise or 
       Tilt Steering Wheel; All	                   53	   62 
(MDA) License Plate Bracket, Front, All            NC	   NC 
(ADL) Skid Plate Group				   ??	   ?? 
Notes, Abbreviations & Nomenclature used: 
All=Applies to all models 
Bas=Base Model, no Pkg 
Std=Standard in... 
Pnr=Pioneer Pkg 
Eli=Eliminator Pkg 
2WD=2 Wheel Drive 
4WD=4 Wheel Drive 
SB=Short Bed 
LB=Long Bed 
I6=4.0L 6 cylinder engine 
I4=2.5L 4 cylinder engine 
Aut=Automatic Transmission w/ Overdrive 
4Sp=4 Speed Manual Transmission 
5Sp=5 Speed Manual Transmission w/ Overdrive 
Man=Manual Transmission (Refers to either 5Sp or 4Sp) 
TBI=Throttle Body Injection 
MPI=Multi-Port Injection 
PS=Power Steering 
NA=Not Available (With)... 

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